What is DiscoverINDY?

DiscoverINDY is a book and mobile program that offers subscribers more than $5,000 in money-saving offers to many of central Indiana’s favorite dining and entertainment venues.  It is the #1 discount program of it’s kind in Central Indiana for more than 35-years.

When do the new books become available?

Each year, a new book is introduced generally in August.

When does the DiscoverINDY book expire?

DiscoverINDY is valid from generally early August until December 1st of the following year (nearly 16 months)

Where can I purchase a DiscoverINDY book?

You can order DiscoverINDY online from our website discoverindy.com or they are typically available at Kroger Stores form early November through March. 

You can also pickup DiscoverINDY at our office or call (317) 876-7300 for more information.

Can my not-for-profit group sell the books to raise money?

Yes, the books are available to 501-C3 organization. The group may retain a portion of the proceeds from each sale for their organization.

Please contact csr@grouponecommunications.com or call (317) 876-7300  option 4

Do I get the same coupons with your mobile program as I can get in the book?

All the coupons in the book are listed in our mobile program.  Approximately 70% of the merchants in the DiscoverINDY book will also honor a mobile coupon.

If I use the coupon in my book, can I still use my mobile coupon or vice versa?

You can use coupons from both mediums, as long as there is a mobile coupon available to use.

Can I activate more than one access code to my mobile phone?

You can only have one mobile access to coupons per mobile device.