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Free shipping * Double Discounts * Guaranteed Savings!

  • DOUBLE DISCOUNTS – Receive 2 for 1 DiscoverINDY books.
  • Receive a DiscoverINDY book - valid until Dec 1 of the current year! Receive a DiscoverINDY book - valid until Dec 1 of the following year! …the newest editions of DiscoverINDY typically become available in July/August.
  • MAXIMUM SAVINGS - Receive DiscoverINDY book Hot-off-the-Press and get 16-months to maximize your savings.
  • FREE Shipping – We pay the postage along with the people who package up the orders. Yes, it cost money to ship … BUT, you get it for FREE!
  • FREE Mobile ($20 value) – Get hundreds of free mobile coupons right on your smart phone.
  • EXCLUSIVE Discounts – Receive special offers to one-of-a-kind events or limited offers.
  • GUARANTEED SAVINGS! – We guarantee you’ll save at least your purchase price or we’ll refund the difference. Just return your book within 30-days of its expiration. we’ll refund the full purchase price, minus the value of any used coupons. You can’t lose with DiscoverINDY!
  • Cancel Anytime – Each year, we’ll send you the newest edition of DiscoverINDY hot-off-the-press at the-then-current-price, along with a fresh copy of the current edition. Just a coupon or two can pay for the book! We offer free shipping, free mobile, double discounts and we guaranteed the results, Who does that!? …BUT, if you feel the need to cancel your membership, you can do so any time after the first 30-days of your initial purchase. We want you to at least give the program an honest opportunity to save you money. Over time, I understand there may be enhancements or adjustments to the Membership program.

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